Were that I was a fly on the wall
of a joyous home full of sunny laughter,
of sensible family parties, and youthful exuberance.
Would that I could hold that innocence just a while longer,
that the buzzing in their ears would be refreshingly deafening.
What if I could be a welcome pest on an open windowsill?
Where open hearts speak soft truths and hard encouragements,
that could be heard from elevated ears.
Perhaps there would not be such cause for concern,
there might be mastery of the entity,
perhaps I could overhear the secret we are all dying to know the answer to.


Taken As Needed

It feels like a good thing wrapped in a bad thing, 
It feels depressed,

And harder than you’d think.

It feels like a loss of self,

A mistaken identity,

It feels like

Pretty and


Weeds being removed.

Like dandelion bouquets,

And white clover crowns;

The softening of a version of the truth.

I see you now

From the other side of myself.

Cradling the inner child within my stumbling care,

I greet you

With a hopeful salute –

My commanding officer of change. 

Once together,

Now – at times, alone,

Leading the charge toward happiness.